Born with an identical twin as a Caucasian-Hispanic American into a bustling family of six, Lunsford navigated the intricate web of questions often accompanying multiracial backgrounds: Who am I? Whose side do I belong to? Yet, from this tangled tapestry of identity, Lunsford discovered strength and growth within the gray areas. She embraced her predominantly Hispanic heritage and upbringing and unearthed a wellspring of inspiration and creativity. Art became her refuge, a means to express the turmoil of a foundation rocked by mental illness, trauma, and addiction.

Her artistic journey began in childhood and led her to the Glassell School of Art and the Houston Baptist University painting program. Here, she found a mentor in the form of Michael Roque Collins, who challenged Lunsford to dismantle her emotional fortifications, release her anguish, and harness her inner demons to create beauty.

This transformative encounter ignited Lunsford's distinctive artistic style. Her works unravel startling revelations from the fractured pieces of her subjects, exposing the multifaceted truths that define us all. While these pieces bear the imprints of Lunsford's life, they serve as mirrors for viewers to conjure their realities. In the dissonance of divergent existences, her art invites you to embrace paradoxes and ascend to a realm of courage, acceptance, and grace.

Margo Lunsford-Chacon is an artist who toils tirelessly, living life to the fullest. She embarks on life's adventures alongside her heroically patient husband and their endearing children, Mochi and Huggi, two charmingly cantankerous Yorkies. rough her art and her life, Margo Lunsford challenges us to explore the rich tapestry of our identities and the profound beauty that can be found in our shared humanity 

I dig up the buried stories that need a voice. My canvases are woven with memories, some fuzzy from time passing. These stories house themes that lay bare our inner dialogues, mental health struggles, and the conflicts that make us who we are.

When I'm in the creative process, my thoughts go out to anyone on a similar journey, and my heart goes to them. When you view my art, I hope it hits you emotionally, awakens the dialog you have within connecting with your own story, and makes you embrace both the vulnerable and strong parts of you."

SOLO AND TWO PERSON EXHIBITIONSEden Plant Co, Duality Within - 2023
The Lanecia Rouse Tinsley Gallery, Petals of Resilience - 2023

GROUP SHOWSCommerce Gallery, The Morning Hustle - 2024 
Reeves Art + Design, The Houston Art Fair - 2023

Pepper magazine - Nov 2022
Canvas Rebel - Dec 2022